Four Common Examples of Bad Reviews & How To Respond To Them?

Imagine this for a moment. You have heard about a new restaurant in your neighborhood. You ask your best friend about that. Your best friend says, "There were rats in the kitchen and the soup had lumps of hair in it. Go at your own risk.” Y...

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How can you leverage syndicate reviews to foster your online reputation

Have you heard enough of your consumers' voice? Do you know what the latest buzz is? No? It's high time to give your attention to what your customers are saying online. Neglecting customer reviews can significantly impact your online reputation and...

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5 Winning Ways to Ensure 5-Star Customer Reviews

Do you buy products or services without reading the reviews? Most of you would say no. One of five customers these days choose to read the reviews before purchasing a service or product. Thanks to social media platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon,...

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